10 Everyday Student Struggles In Cardiff

Sep 7, 2019
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10 Everyday Student Struggles In Cardiff


We bloody love the Welsh capital but as with living in any major city you’ll always find some of those funny flaws. Check out our list of the top 10 student problems Cardiff students face.

 1. Bin day….

If putting your bins out on time wasn’t a hard enough job for students trying to navigate safely through Cathays on bin day whilst avoiding the aggressive cat-sized seagulls and mouldy food thats strewn across the pavement… well that’s the real problem… Yep, don’t we make it sound just great. That said, this is mostly only an issue for for those studying at Cardiff Uni.

Don’t get us wrong, we student living in Cathays and think it’s one of the best areas to live for students in Cardiff but on bin day…. Get us out of this s**t hole.

2. Scrum down….

It wouldn’t be a Cardiff student problems list if this didn’t make it.

Want to pop out to Lidl and grab something for dinner? What could possibility go wrong… let us tell you what. Being stuck in queues with zombie students coming back from lectures, when all you want is a cheese twist and some Nougat Pillows…

 3. Battling for a drink on international rugby days

International rugby days are the BEST.

What we hate is fighting for a spot at the bar and pushing through swarms of oversized rugby fans that have travelled from all over the globe. Once you finally get that drink it is sweet sweet victory.

4. Having ‘student nights’ in a different club every night of the week

It would be rude not to go out… it just is all too easy. With events every night of the week Cardiff is not for the faint hearted.

5. You’ll never find a cafe anywhere else that does breakfast like Cafe 37…

The solution to all your hungover problems lies in Cardiff forever…. it might not seem like a problem now but wait until you leave and start getting the shakes.

6. The annual student housing race…

Ready, set, go! It always amazes up how quickly everyone starts looking for new student accommodation in Cardiff. While of course the stock of housing is now pretty good, the best places get snapped up fast.

Learning to navigate the student housing race is a must for any student.

7. When you aren’t Welsh and after 3 years still struggle to understand what the locals are saying…

You what? We’ve been here almost 10 years and still can’t understand a word. Now don’t get us wrong, it’s not anything on Scottish but it will keep you on your toes.

8. Theres too many places to chose from when you’re heading out for food or drinks

This is too overwhelming *exasperated sigh*

9. There are too many pubs

Quids in on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday… We didn’t choose the pub life, it chose us

10. Cardiff will become your new home, meaning you’ll never want to leave 

It’s easy to get stuck here so it’s worth making sure your parents know you may not be coming back.


Please don’t make us go!