Don’t lose your s*** with these top tips to protect your stuff at uni

Nov 5, 2018
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Don’t lose your s*** with these top tips to protect your stuff at uni

If you’re already in uni, you’ll most likely have a lot on your mind and busy trying to juggle assignments, a part-time job, dwindling social life…you get where this is going. The last thing you need is to lose your stuff. We don’t want to be the ones to rain on your parade, but one in four students have their stuff swiped while at uni, and 80% of those thefts occur at city universitiesThe good news, though, is that whether you’re in halls or shared accommodation these tips should help you protect the things you care about with contents insurance. You could follow this link to try out the Wrisk app, where you can easily get insurance for your stuff.

Keep it locked

Check that any doors and windows to your room/home have secure, working locks. Be sure to always use all the locks provided. Avoid leaving valuables lying around in your room/home when you’re out

Make a list

Keep an inventory of all your stuff and what it’s worth before you leave home. Take photos of costly new items, plus any ID or serial numbers, receipts and packaging and back up onto a cloud storage like iCloud, Google Drive or Dropbox. This step is crucial if you ever have to make a claim on your insurance because you will have the necessary proof right when you need it.

Get covered

Check that you’re covered if your stuff does get nicked. There are a few different options:

1. If you’re living in halls, you may have insurance built in, but make sure you check what’s covered – often this will only cover your stuff while it’s in your room or certain areas within the university. Not so handy if it gets pinched while you’re out and about

2. You may be covered by your parents’ home insurance – get them to check exactly what’s covered – watch out in particular for stuff like gadgets and jewellery as this often has to be added separately with a contents insurance cover

3. Save enough to cover the loss of any of your high-value items. Probably not the most feasible option unless you’ve got serious £££ to spare

4. Take out a separate policy to cover your belongings whilst at university, which can be easily done online or using apps such as Wrisk. Many insurers will ask you to list valuables or gadgets over a certain cost. Make sure you know what’s included and the terms of repair and/or replacement. 

Yes, we know being a student is expensive, but the last thing you want to face is the cost of replacing a laptop mid-way through term if it’s lost, stolen or damaged.

Protect your s***.

We’ve partnered with our friends who developed the Wrisk app so get covered.  These guys make it as easy as possible to get the cover you need in minutes. You can add or remove items at any time, check your balance and pay by simply topping up your account.

Now you can get on with enjoying student life and everything that goes with it.

You can check them out on the App store by visiting