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With the progression and evolution of technology over the past few years, we’ve welcomed a new kid on the block in the world of student lettings: virtual reality. VR viewings, available through CribsVR, allow students to view properties in 360° on their phone or a VR headset, negating the need for the student, or the letting agent, to ever leave their desk for property viewings.

Being inundated with leads and viewings doesn’t necessarily correspond with prosperity. We’ve estimated that each year 530,000 hours are spent on property viewings. However, we’ve also estimated that only 10% of these viewings lead to a successful let. That equates to a significant number of wasted viewings and wasted hours.

Undoubtedly, through a hectic schedule of viewings, agents might successfully let their entire student portfolio by the target deadline. However, streamlining the letting process through the aid of VR viewings frees up a proportion of this time which might more effectively be spent elsewhere, for example, expanding the property portfolio. Having more properties to let is a significant success.

Through VR viewings, agents can focus their efforts more efficiently on only highly qualified leads. Whilst students may be misled by sub-par property descriptions and trick photography, high clarity VR viewings leave nowhere to hide. Consequently, inbound leads generated from listings featuring VR are already highly qualified. The result? More successful viewings, reduced cost per let and increased revenue.

VR tours might have been held at arm’s length by the industry when first introduced, due to the high cost and low-quality content outcome, but things have changed and agents throughout the UK are adopting VR tours as a standard practice.

High quality tours can now be created and delivered for the same price as professional photography. Why allow a prospective tenant’s first impression to be based on static, two dimensional images, when for the same outlay you can immerse them in the property from the comfort of their sofa? Moreover, with flexible packages and a network of photographers throughout the UK, CribsVR can accommodate the differing needs of clients, producing high quality property tours, from one bed apartments to commercial warehouses.


As ever, seeing is believing. Here’s an example of a virtual reality tour recently created by CribsVR:

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