What Is Anxiety And How Do I Overcome It At University

Jan 29, 2019
The Student Life
What Is Anxiety And How Do I Overcome It At University

Anxiety isn’t a taboo, so let’s talk about it

Anxiety is an overarching term for feeling nervous, apprehensive or worried, and no matter how mild or severe this feeling may be, it can have a huge impact on your day to day life. Anxiety might be triggered by something – an event that has happened, something that is coming up, or it might simply occur for no prevalent reason, and that is exactly why it can suck.

No one should have to feel like they are suffering on their own, because it is overwhelmingly common to experience some form of anxiety, especially as a student.

Anxiety affects 1 in 6 young people.

Surprised? This very statistic shows just how common anxiety is. Dealing with anxiety is a task that might seem monumental, but with the right advice, it doesn’t have to be. We’re here to help you start giving anxiety that kick it deserves.

How To Tackle Anxiety

Sometimes, speaking about the way you feel really is the best therapy. Surrounding yourself with friends you know you can count on is so important, so if you’re having a particularly severe wave of anxiety you know you can talk to someone. To aid this, your university will also have its own support and counselling services available to you, and whether this be a regular thing for you through either weekly meetings, or just a one-off session, talking to someone who is experienced in the field can do a world of good in lifting a bit of weight off your shoulders.

Anxiety can become heightened during stressful periods, which we all know to be true when you are at university. Exam time is a prime example, constant late nights up studying, and not giving yourself enough self-love can be quite detrimental to your mental health, so it’s important to take some time out to do you. Whether this is taking a day out to refresh by going to do an activity with your housemates, or practising some well-being exercises in your student crib, taking a break from something that might be triggering high levels of anxiety can do you the world of good. If you need some ideas of well-being hacks you can do from your crib, we have you covered here.

Your home is your hub, and therefore it is so important to make sure you are happy in it. Make your bedroom your haven, and make sure it’s comforting to you, so even if you are feeling weighed down with your thoughts you have that place you can unwind. We’ve put together our ideas on how to make your crib a cosy one, and this can be the first step to making your house feel like a home away from home.

Exercise and diet are some of the most underrated ways of staying mindful when you might be feeling anxious. Making nutritious and balanced meals will not only make you feel better on the inside, it will also make you feel less sluggish and as a result, more confident about yourself. Joining the gym or finding a team sport at university that you love can be such an incredible way to feel motivated and less stressed. It may also be an opportunity to branch out and make some new friends, a fresh start if you must. If you don’t feel like this is for you, you can even do some amazing home workouts or yoga exercise from the comfort of your home, and this can really help to heighten your mood.

When you exercise you release various hormones and chemical compounds into your body. These essentially improve your cognitive function and ability to focus, meaning your work ethic can improve, and you can attempt to channel your energy more constructively. This is scientifically proven to be progressive, as the stress hormone – cortisol – significantly reduces if you exercise. So, spend some time on your physical health in an effort to improve your mindset and get into a healthy routine. Cut back on the booze and swap it for a healthy drink alternative or an early night to avoid feeling hungover or overtired and which in turn can often heighten feelings of stress or worry. Getting a good 8 hours sleep a night is so important when you are living a busy student lifestyle with little time in the day, so make sure you owe yourself the slumber!

Dealing with anxiety doesn’t have to be so hard, try to take on these little steps to be more mindful, try not to pile the pressure on yourself, and most importantly take some time out to remind yourself that you are doing bloody well at doing you.

Now why don’t you find yourself a student crib to unwind in?