Oct 2017The Student Life

Looking for your first student crib can be exciting, but that doesn’t mean you want to scrimp on checking on the quality of the property.


Checking that appliances in the house are working in order is incredibly important, you should check that the water supply and electrics all work in order, because there’s nothing worse than finding out that your house has weak water pressure when you and all of your housemates are desperate for a shower. Make sure you suss out plug sockets and check for any damages so you can alert the landlord before signing on the dotted line too. Also, check if you need to bring any small appliances with you too, including smaller items such as toasters and kettles – imagine moving in and not being able to make yourself a cup of tea!


You’re going to be in your crib for the next year so you will want it to be appropriately kitted out! Aside from the obvious furnishings that come with your house, make sure you get a desk and chair included if you don’t want to live in the library! You could also haggle with your landlord to see if they would consider putting extra things in such as dishwashers to make your student lifestyle just that much easier.


Living in a well-connected location is very important for students – you’ll want to make sure you are close to local amenities such as pubs, corner shops and your university buildings. Most university cities have certain streets which are reputable student areas – check out our city guides to find out where is best to live in your city.


Do some research around the city in and around the area you are considering living in before putting down your deposit. You’ll want to make sure you feel safe when walking home from the SU at 3am when its dark outside!

Damp and mould

Mould is often an issue in student houses, and it can make you quite ill if not addressed soon. Make sure you check for any damp and mould problems – especially in bedrooms so that you can avoid the problem!

Pests and rodents

Rodents shouldn’t be an issue, but if it hasn’t been looked after by previous tenants, you might find this an issue. Make sure you ask previous residents for any issues that might arise here so that you don’t get a nasty surprise when you get your new house. Asking current students is probably your best bet for many issues in your home, as they will most likely be the most honest about any problems they’ve had during their tenancy.


Check for insulation in your new crib such as double glazing, and other features to see how warm your house will be. Spending lots of money on energy bills is not ideal when you have a limited loan, so ensure you have something in place to try and limit overspending on this.

Once you’ve checked out all of these things, and have found a university crib that you like, take these steps to make sure you don’t miss out.

  1. Act quick, before the property is snapped up
  2. Find out when you can move in
  3. Confirm all the details and discuss repairs that you would like completed before moving in
  4. Sign the contract/agreement – check for details on what to look out for here
  5. Make sure you know your rights as a tenant of your student house

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