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At Resooma, we enable smooth moves without the tedious search process, brain-ache inventories or utility provider puzzlers slowing everything down

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Formerly University Cribs, our platform is focused on student and graduate lettings and gives agents, PBSAs and private landlords a helping hand with lead generation and millennial-focused marketing.

We celebrate New Adulthood. We say: spend less time on the tedious and more time on the fun. We are all about cohabiting, the easy way.

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We also list properties for private landlords. The team at Resooma can help place properties in front of the eyes of Gen Rent. As a company, we have over 25 years of experience in student marketing so we can help maximise your property exposure to your target demographic.

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Open yourself up for 24/7 viewings with virtual reality listing. We can shoot and upload your properties or help you do it yourself. If you use our bills service, we will give you free VR tours for your portfolio.

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Make adulting easy for students and generate extra revenue for your business by adding 'bills inclusive' to your properties. Resooma manages the set up of the properties utilities and makes sure your tenants' bills are paid on time. Plus, if you partner with us and use our bills inclusive service, you will qualify for free virtual tours on your properties!

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