What is an EPC rating and do I need it for my property?

The UK government is now aiming for all rental properties to have a minimum Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) Band C by 2030. Achieving this EPC rating might seem daunting, especially to those new to the private rental sector, but Resooma outlines the key things you need to know about EPCs. We’ve simplified it and created […]

How effective communication with tenants can make you a better landlord

Building trust with tenants is essential for every landlord. How you build it is through clear communication with tenants. It might not seem as important as managing your portfolio or finances, but it has a direct impact on your service. Effectively communicating with tenants means better tenant retention, fewer void periods, and a chance to […]

Bills included: A FAQ Guide for Landlords and Agents

By now, landlords and letting agents may have heard of inclusive bills options in different tenancies. With the struggle of juggling utilities and providers, bills included with rent can be a saving grace. Combined monthly payments are especially helpful to those letting properties for the first time. That’s why we’ve created this FAQ guide to tackle […]

How much rent should I charge for my property?

“How much rent should I charge for my property?” It’s a common question that many landlords and letting agents, new and experienced, find challenging to answer. You risk increasing void periods if you charge too much rent but risk a loss of income if you don’t charge enough. When you consider location, tenant demand, and […]

Should tenants rent furnished or unfurnished properties?

There are many factors for landlords and letting agents to consider when they let out a furnished or unfurnished property. You’ll want to consider the tenants you want to attract, how much you will charge for rent, and your expenses. Whether tenants rent furnished or unfurnished properties, both types have their benefits for tenants, landlords, […]

Resooma’s Pre-Tenancy Checklist (Free Download)

As the new academic year fast approaches, students will want to move into their new rentals quickly. All landlords and agents will likely want the same to reduce void periods. However, you have to ensure the property you are letting is safe and secure pre-tenancy. The paperwork surrounding move-ins pre-tenancy can be enormous and the […]