The most common types of student accommodation

Apr 2, 2019
The most common types of student accommodation

When you’re searching for a new place to live, while at University, you might be a little confused by all your options. Below, we’ve listed all the different types of student accommodation (the most popular, at least) so that you know exactly what you’re getting yourself in for with student living.

1.Halls of residence

These are more than likely owned by the University (although some are independent) and are predominately for first-year students. It gives new students away get accustomed to living away from home, meet new people, and get a taste of University life.

You can pick from a variety of different options, including shared bathroom, catered, etc.

2.Private sector halls of residence

Just like University owned halls, except these are open to everyone. Private halls of residence offer some of the most luxury of student living. While on paper, they can sometimes look like they’re a little bit more expensive that shared houses there are a number of common misconceptions you should read up on.

Sometimes you might even be sharing with a mix of different people, even some from various Universities.

3.House/flat share

After the first year, you’ll more than likely dive off into a house or flat share. You’ll rent a property with friends, and the price will go down, but the enjoyment won’t.

If this is something you’re interested in, take a look at Resooma, and find the perfect house for you and your friends.

4. Room in a private house

This is a little bit different from a house or flat share because you won’t be renting with your friends. Instead, you’ll share the house where the landlord lives, renting a room from them. It might not be what you imagined for your University life, but often it trumps living in a dingy student house with students that you don’t know.

Don’t be tricked though, you’d be amazed the quality of the student accommodation out there. Start your search now with Resooma.

5. A private house

If you have a tiny bit more money on your hands, a private flat might just appeal to you. We find many people that choose this option didn’t have a good experience in shared houses or are coupled up.

Just consider the price, and the socialising aspect before you jump into this option.

Things to look out for with student accommodation

No matter what type of accommodation you choose, it’s important to make sure that you’re considering these factors:

  1. How safe is the area?
  2. What’s are the public transport routes?
  3. Who are the neighbours?
  4. How much are my bills?
  5. Maintenance needed for accommodation

We hope this helped you in your quest to find the student accommodation. Look out for these buzzwords when you’re searching for your dream place, it might just save you a bunch of time.