Can you save money staying in purpose built accommodation?

May 11, 2018
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Can you save money staying in purpose built accommodation?

The attraction of heading off to university and the freedom that comes with student living means young people up and down the UK are increasingly choosing to pursue higher education, with the number of students enrolling for undergraduate courses rising year-on-year at present.

As a result, there is a growing need for student-specific accommodation, with many universities simply unable to keep up with rising levels of demand for their on-site halls of residence.

Securing accommodation in the wider rental market is, therefore, an option, but this does come with risks for tenants. Instead, a growing number of undergraduates are deciding to turn to the private purpose-built student accommodation sector, but what can students expect when moving into this type of property?

Here Opto Living explains the benefits of staying in a purpose-built student room.

Residents can enjoy a home away from home

Individuals living in purpose-built student accommodation like Opto Living’s Park House, Opto Village or Chapel Street will enjoy a range of benefits over their peers in the wider rental market, with a fantastic sense of community being one of the real advantages of student-specific housing.

Meanwhile, the modern nature of many student-specific facilities means residents can be assured that their room will always be furnished to the highest possible standard and in a way that is both stylish and contemporary.

Money can also be tight for many students so the fact that all of your bills are included in a single payment may be considered another benefit of this type of housing, allowing residents to budget more effectively throughout the academic year


A wide selection of entertainment on offer

The extra facilities that residents are able to enjoy and make use of are both varied and extensive, with everything from an on-site gym to communal recreation areas where students can simply hang out with friends.

All of Opto Living’s student developments offer on-site cinema facilities, a modern gym and outside green spaces to enjoy warm, sunny days and evenings, as well as communal kitchen and dining areas, on-site laundry facilities and high-speed internet.
Opto Village even has a large roof top terrace that is perfect for those long summer evenings.


Safety and supervision help to create peace of mind

Residents can be assured that they are moving into accommodation that is monitored and managed 24/7. This means that should anyone have an issue, there is always someone they can turn to to get a resolution, no matter the time of day. A swift response is guaranteed.

Around-the-clock CCTV coverage also means that students (and parents) can have peace of mind that there is always someone looking out for them, keeping them safe and ensuring their property is always secure.

What’s more, new opportunities for the creation of student-specific housing are cropping up all the time across the country, meaning there is a growing pipeline of new developments for students to choose from.

In fact, Opto Living has plans to open developments in Newcastle and Cardiff over the next few years.

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