Situated in the middle of England, Coventry has become one of the most up and coming places to study in the UK. Students can choose to study at either of the two great universities, Coventry University and Warwick that coventry has to offer. This sizable (and growing) student population makes Coventry a vibrant community to live as a student and provides a lively student experience to its guest studying at University. 

Coventry is brimming with Bristish history and culture, and is a beautiful city to live in with its medieval architecture and beautiful green open spaces; whether coming to study in this city as a domestic or overseas student you’ll have a great time and you have the choice of some fantastic places to live. 

If you’re choosing to study in Coventry, get ready to have the experience of your life in one of the best cities to live in the world! Students from around the globe come to Coventry for its top-notch universities, cultural diversity, exciting culinary scene, bountiful job market, and so much more. 

It is no surprise then that over the last couple of years Coventry has seen huge growth the numbers of international students choosing the city and this has been mirrored by a surge in student accommodation in Coventry, with hundreds of quality students rooms, flats or studios coming onto the market - if you’re looking for student accommodation in Coventry, get in touch with one of our booking consultants at Resooma and can help you find the perfect place.