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Most Asked Questions


Why Should I go through Resooma Bills?

Resooma exists to help you live better in shared accommodation together at University. No more house arguments. Just stress free living 💆 and more time for fun 🕺
Setting up all your household utilities can be done in a couple of clicks and then we’ll handle the rest.
Our competitive prices and fast WiFi make us the best package around.

Is it cheaper to sort the bills myself?

Yes, but really not very much. While it may be cheaper, you have to deal with the added stress setting it all up, dealing with multiple providers and one of your housemates will have to become the lead tenant.
We aim to get the cheapest rates on the market and pass these on to you at cost and then place a small management fee on top which pays for our time and annual customer service.

How do you make your money?

We charge up to £120 per person as a management fee and incorporated into your bill over the course of the year.
*The management fee may be smaller depending on the package that you select and the number of housemates you have.

How is my payment calculated?

We estimate your yearly consumption based on years of data from the local area you are living in 🏠
We then divide this out over monthly installments
If you would prefer to pay in line with each student term then contact a member of our team.

I wasn't in the house over the summer, do I still have to pay bills?

Yes, it is common belief that by not being in a house you should not be liable to pay bills. Not to get too technical, but there is what is known as a standing charge that you will have to pay.
Even if you choose to not go through Resooma Bills, you will be liable, for all house bills from the start of your tenancy (usually 1st July).

How do I pay my bill?

Once you have agreed to sign, you will pay a £14.95 set up fee which will allow us to set up your bill payments, WiFi and energy contracts.
*In some circumstances the set up fee may be discounted or removed all together as part of a promotion.

I can't pay my share of the bill?

Get in touch with us as soon as possible! Whilst you are contracted to pay the agreed amount we understand you may sometimes be unable to pay on our specified days.
We can arrange payments to suit you, as long as you contact us!

How do you calculate payment amounts?

Very simply we divide the estimated cost for your years bills, and divide it by four. So although you may use more electricity during the winter, you will not be charged the excess, it simply is balance out through the summer payment (as you will use less electricity during the summer months!)

My housemate is unable to pay their share of the bill?

Get in touch with us as soon as possible! Whilst they are contracted to pay the agreed amount we understand they may sometimes be unable to pay on our specified days. We can arrange payments to suit you, as long as you contact us!
If you do not let us know then we may have to increase the payments of the rest of your house.

When is my next bill due?

You must pay for your first quarter when you sign up, or if you sign before the 1st of July then we will bill you in the first week of July. This allows us to setup and install all of your initial contracts.
You will then be billed on the 10th of every 3rd month beginning in October. (10th October, 10th January, 10th April)

Are all of my bill payments equal?

Yes, we keep all of the payments equal so you have no unexpected payments to make throughout the year!
Whilst you may over pay in the summer, you will have underpaid in the winter when your electric bill, to keep yourself warm, is always greater! If you are in line to go over you agreed allowance then we reserve the right to increase your payment amount, it will not be significant and will always be justified.

Can I change my package throughout the year?

No unfortunately we will have set up all of the contracts by now and will be liable to pay them!
So please make sure to select the right package for you, don't hesitate to contact our friendly staff for advice in the selection process!
If you chose a package and end up using more allowance than you should then we may look to move you to a larger package during the year so you don't get left with a bill when you move out.

How do I cancel my contract with Resooma Bills?

Please contact us, as you won't be able to just stop paying. When you sign up you are contracted for the entirety of your tenancy so you will not be able to cancel.
If you are leaving the house then it will likely end up increasing the cost for your housemates! Let’s all try to avoid this happening.

What happens if we don't use all of our allowance?

The best way is to imagine it like a pot, which all your housemates pay into. We then pay all your bills out of the pot. At the end of the year if you have money left in the pot we return it to you. If you have spent all the pot you will have to increase your payment to cover your usage. But we normally get it spot on so you receive money back.
80% of our customers got a refund last year 💰💰

What are meter readings for?

Meter readings are to ensure that we are getting you the best prices from our energy suppliers.
Without taking readings of your meter, your costs are based purely on estimates. It is likely you might be overcharged if you do not provide meter readings when requested.

Where is my meter?

The bad news is that there is no set place for a meter in a house. It will often be located under the stairs, outside your property or in a basement if you have one! 🕵
If you can not find it then your landlord will know the locations of your meters, so we suggest getting in touch with them. ☎

How do I provide meter readings?

Simply take a photo of your meter and send it into your WhatsApp group. A member of our team will then process it.

I forgot to take a meter reading and am now home for the summer, what should I do?

Your energy company will have readings from previous tenants in the property and should be able to calculate a relatively good estimate, however it can be inaccurate.
Please contact your landlord to see if they have taken the readings for you, or if they are able to do so.

Do we have to pay when one of our housemate’s leaves?

Although we separate out the bills individually, as a house, you are still liable to pay the amount agreed for the entirety of your tenancy agreement. Either the leaving housemate will need to continue to pay their share of the contract, or it is possible for us to split it equally between the remaining housemates.
This situation requires management for which we will not charge, however we ask that you are all cooperative so we can deal with it as soon as possible!
If you have found a replacement housemate then it is possible to do a swap! Again, just contact us and we can send a pay link!

What are the fair usage allowances?

Low Usage UsersAllowance
TenantsElectricity (kWh)Gas (kWh)
Medium Usage HouseholdsAllowance
TenantsElectricity (kWh)Gas (kWh)
Unlimited PackageAllowance
TenantsElectricity (kWh)Gas (kWh)
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