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Find the answers to to frequently asked questions about our services


Find the answers to regularly asked questions about our services

Who are Resooma?

We are a Top 100 Startup that’s in the process of revolutionising how renters find, view and set up their new homes. As part of that mission, we help you set up your utilities and split them between housemates. We’re based in sunny Cardiff and have a team of chirpy individuals that all get a kick out of making people's lives easier.

Why should I choose Resooma?

Time is pretty valuable - so don’t waste it on the phone to energy suppliers, water providers and wifi companies. It only takes 5 minutes to get set up and then you’re only responsible for your share of the bills.

We have 100% renewable energy, fast wifi and friendly customer service here for you 8am-8pm. We pass you the cheapest energy rates as we access bulk buy discounts from our supplier and we don’t mark up our energy prices like some of other companies - you are charged cost price, including discounts.

Can I cancel my subscription?

You have a 14 day cooling off period after your whole house has been set up. Within this period, you can cancel your contract with Resooma.

After this 14 day period, you are contracted for the length of your tenancy as we are bound by contracts with the utility companies. If you do choose to leave us before the end of your contract, then you may have to pay the balance of your utility bills and a monthly exit fee.

What other benefits can I access with resooma?

As a resooma member, we will give you access to a discount and perks portal that has exclusive discounts for cinemas, food shops and restaurants. This will be activated once you become a member.

Can you sort my council tax too?

Yes, if you’re liable to pay for council tax then we can add this to your monthly bill. Students, you don’t need to pay council tax.

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