Liverpool is by far one of the most loved student cities in the UK. It just about has it all, from cheap living, to great quality housing, and electric atmosphere for those looking to enjoy their student live and let their hair down. Whether you’re coming from elsewhere around the UK or coming to liverpool as an overseas student we have no doubt that you’ll get a great experience in this city. 

Home to over 70,000 students, the city is an icon, including some amazing landmarks for british and global culture. When we’re looking at Liverpool culture, it’s hard to ignore the Beatles background, and of course there are a couple of football teams that play in the city too…. 

So why should students come to liverpool to study? 

First and foremost Liverpool student living is affordable, and this is very much true when it comes to student accommodation as well. The average cost of university accommodation in Liverpool is between UK£80-£120 per week (~US$120-180). 

Liverpool is a pretty green city, and Sefton Park, is one of the most beautiful open green spaces in the UK. After you make it through the Liverpool winter, you’ll be able to settle into these spaces with your new classmates, using them as your new study spots, replacing them for the university library. 

When it comes to accommodation, there is great choice for uni students, with top quality options at affordable prices. If you’re looking to secure your new place, then use Resooma to search, find and book your perfect new place. Our team of booking agents can assist you to ensure you find the perfect place.