Nottingham is a student friendly city, home to two rated universities, Nottingham Trent University and the University of Nottingham. It is consistently a very popular place to study, with a strong mix of both international students and domestic students from around the UK. 

The city is rich with history and culture, whilst offering its dwellers modern and new shopping facilities, bars and restaurants ensuring that those that study here have a great student living experience. 

The city has more pubs and restaurants than you’ll find in any other UK city, so you’re sure to find a great place.

University of Nottingham Students tend choose to live around either Dunkirk, Beeston, and most notably Lenton. 

Lenton, often the first name on the list for students, is a thriving student hub, located only about 10 minutes from University campus. It has a great range of amenities located right on your doorstep, and great transport links to the rest of the city and beyond. Student accommodation can sometimes be a more expensive as the area is highly demanded but for the most part is affordable. 

Read more about the areas within our blog posts below, or contact the bookings team at Resooma for us to help you find the perfect place that matches your needs. Resooma work with all the top providers and agents in Nottingham to bring our students the ultimate choice of accommodation.